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The obstacles we face while baking and how to overcome them

You've already read the success story of making the Ultimate Birthday Cake, The cake that shall not be named or whatever u wanna call it. That really showed the positive side of baking and how much fun it is; that is when everything works out well. However, even us bagels dont always get it right. This week we're gonna tell u all about the blunders of baking and how they can possibly be conquered.

Well for one we strongly discourage you guys to use any Finnish ready-to-bake kits. THEY SUCK. For example, a week ago VB arrived at CSB's house to make brownies, and VB had bought a great brownie kit, or so she thought. All you had to do was add water and put the whole thing in the oven. We couldn't have done it wrong. This is what we got as a result. ^
A hard, giant cookie that didn't even taste good. FAIL.

This particular ready-to-bake kit was for dieters, so it had only like 9 % fat in it. And no, we most certainly are not back with the 4 day wonder diet (NEVER are we gonna do that again), but our friends seem to be constantly dieting so we figured that they could eat this. They didnt. Anyway the reduced fat crap never really works. Thats why we, from now on, buy our baking stuff from Stockmann's American Food department. They always work well and are most certainly not for dieters.

Moving on. A few days ago VB got a sudden desire to make gingerbread, so VB decided to go to the grocery store to get some dough (duh it takes like two days to prepare ofc we buy it from the store). VB, however, had not thought this through, because as she soon discovered, she had no baking paper. It was time to be creative. This is what happened.
This actually worked out rather well, tho it does look kinda funny. However, there were more obstacles to come. VB failed to find gingerbread muotteja (no idea what theyre called in English) so, again, creativity (as in CAS) took over.
You dont really need the muotit, its a lot faster this way. You just take a small amount of dough in ur hand, flatten it and VOÍLA!

These were the most recent examples of us bagels failing when cooking or baking. But we learn from our mistakes and move on, for instance from now on, we never buy anything that says reduced fat again, we always go to Stockmann's American food department and we always check that we have everything we need for the recipe in question. We screw up a lot and we make a mess but you gotta be able to see the funny side of it. Thats what makes baking fun for us.

Till we meet again,

ps. never try to make cookies in the microwave, it doesnt work.
pps. we are planning on making the ultimate chocolate cake pretty soon so you guys have something to look forward to for sure ;)

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