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Greetings from the bagels' computer class and we have just been speaking about how much we would give for a pot of fondue right now in the cold wintery afternoon (VB is ready to give up her right arm). As you should know (and if you dont then shame on you) there are many different kinds of fondue. Fondues for dinner and dessert! This week we shall enlighten you on how to make them, how to eat them and why you should totally reward yourselves during the holidays with a steaming hot pot of fondue and share it with a loved one. (If you dont have one, just go lesbian with your girlfriends like us bagels do ;) ) no really.

First of all..... MEAT FONDUE

MEET MEAT FONDUE! (hahahaha) Meat fondue or more formally knows as fondue Bourguignonne is a pot filled with hot oil into which you can dip pieces of meat or chicken. The best part is that it comes with baked potatoes (the big ones) and lots of other stuff too like yummy sauces!

thennnnnnnnnnnn we haveeeeeeeeeeee..... drumroll please

JEEZ! ITS CHEESE FONDUE! (we are so funny) Cheese fondue is originally swiss and is basically a pot full of hot cheeeeeese. Now, you might say that this is not that cool , but MY GOD when you dip bread, broccoli, muchrooms, pepper, tomatoes, potatoes whatever you like in there.. its like god came and cheesed us.. thats not supposed to be perverted!

and last but certainly not least.......

CHOKE ON CHOCOLATE! yes it is white or milk chocolate melted until its all warm and smooth and pwhoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaar SO GOOD! and you can dip in just about anything from bananas and strawberries to marshmallows and crackers =) perfect!

Now before we end this beautiful and educational blogpost on fondues, we should inform about traditions that come with fondue! In our opinion the best traditions are that if a man drops his food in the fondue pot he buys a round of drinks and if a women drops her food she has to kiss her neighbors! There are also other traditions that include singing and so on but these are what we have been dealing with...

until we meet (meat hahahahha) again


ps, we are off to the shop to buy fondue now

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