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Express your love for food through song!

So we all love food. We have established that about 12 blogposts ago. If you dont, then why are you reading this? YEAH SO ANYWAY SINCE we all love food..

why not express this undying love through lyrics?

So we all remember being children and singing about the meatball that dropped off your plate and rolled into the garden.. just me? WELL HERE ARE THE LYRICS IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME:

(It's called on top of spaghetti)

On top of spaghetti
     All covered with cheese,
     I lost my poor meatball,
     When somebody sneezed.
  It rolled off the table
     And onto the floor,
     And then my poor meatball
     Rolled out of the door.
   It rolled in the garden
     And under a bush,
     And then my poor meatball
     Was nothing but mush.
  The mush was as tasty
     As tasty could be,
     And then the next summer
     It grew into a tree.
  The tree was all covered,
     All covered with moss,
     And on it grew meatballs,
     And tomato sauce.

     So if you eat spaghetti
     All covered with cheese,
     Hold onto your meatball
     Lest somebody sneeze.

Fun eh? and heres a picture of a meatball to cheer you up!

kinda disturbing... WELL ANYWAY

Now that we are all grownups (HHAHAHAHA) here are a few of the bagels' favourite tunes that involve food:

50 cent - candy shop (SO AND TOTALLY KIDDING)
Snow Patrol - Chocolate
Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree
Aaron Carter - I want Candy (Candy is actually a girl here but... you can think of real candy while singing)
Kelis - Milkshake
Weezer - Pork and Beans

and you've all heard about Weird al Yankovic right? well he sings parodies of songs and he has a whole album devoted to food!! That why we bagels really adore him even though he looks like this

A few of our favorite parodies would be:

Girls just want to have lunch - Girls just wanna have fun

My bologna - My sharona

Eat it - Beat it

I love Rocky Road - I love Rock n Roll

Fat - Bad

So thats it for today, remember to SING!


the shalalalala bagels!




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