sunnuntai 13. helmikuuta 2011

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day

Two blog entries in a day ?? CAN THIS BE HAPPENING? Well, our dear readers, its ur lucky day and boy have we got a treat for u. Earlier on we wrote about our love towards food and how we express this love through songs. Now we got inspired and we want to write about the best day of the year. The day of love. February 14th. VALENTINE'S DAY!

So FUCK. Every year ur kinda thinking that "ok valentines day. aww how cute." but the reality is that everytime u see a heartshaped chocolate box or - believe it or not - heart shaped goat cheese (SERIOUSLY?) u truly feel like killing someone, and its usually the first happy couple u run into. I mean ur totally ruining the food there!?? Anyways.. both of us remember Valentine's Day as actually something fun in the UK and the US, when we were young and wrote cute letters to our friends and stuff, but in Finland it seems to only make people miserable. I mean no ones giving away free cupcakes with pink frosting or anything? And now ur thinking that "aww poor lonely gals, but hey maybe next year!" (cause thats kinda what were used to getting which ofc - to anyone with a brain - sounds completely retarded) but this is not about being single or not. if ur dating ur like "should i get him something? idk if hes gonna get me anything.. we havent really talked about it. maybe just some chocolate (which ofc is always good). we've only been going out for like a month. he did mention valentines day last week but idk if it really means anything or not? but what about that awkward moment when he blahblahblah..". It just usually hasnt been such a big deal here in Finland, but since every year it becomes more and more exaggerated, people dont know how to react. So it only stresses people out! Then we have the people whos boyfriends are abroad or in the army and theyre all miserable cause they miss them even more than they usually do. But heres the thing. We can handle all this. Other annoyed people just wishing for the day to be over. But OMFG when the jolly ones come along. "Me and my boyfriend go out EVERY valentine's day to like some place really nice , kinda expensive but he always pays for everything and then we get each other these amazing gifts and have this amazing valentines day sex in our amazing new pink matching underwear" I mean PLEASE?

Anywaysss , since ur reading our blog u probably dont have a life so (perhaps a fellow IB student?) u, too, are going to be miserable tomorrow. This is what we'll be eating:
-ben & jerry's
-mcdonalds (VB is gonna try to stay strong and NOT have a hamburger with meat in it but who knows what might happen.. i mean it is valentines day, horrible things may happen)
-heart shaped goat cheese. LOL jk but seriously we just havent quite gotten over this yet
-or anything else u feel like bringing over. But stick to this and u might just survive tomorrow. It'll be better on the 15th again. Before u kill urself, like our friend Sara planned on doing, just sleep on it.
Everythings gonna be alright.. Everythings gonna be ok.. La-la-la.. Still in the singing mood clearly.

But hey happy valentine's day y'all! <3

LOVE x 10000,
The Heart-shaped Bagels

ps thx a lot for making this a big deal at school too. we HAVE to wear pink to school tomorrow. i mean isnt it bad enough that we have to walk through sampokuja everyday which has been like covered with hearts since january 7th?! JUUUUUST GREAT.


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