sunnuntai 21. marraskuuta 2010

Because the french are so damn annoying.. but they make good food.

In honour of us bagels having a french test on wednesday, we have decided to be la crèative (yes we know thats not french and that were gonna fail) and write a blog entry on la cuisine de francais! Thats probably wrong too.. But yeah so french food is our topic of the week ;)

SNAILS! yes the french are insane or as us bagels would say: c'est très bizarre! okay so when theyre done the right way they look like this...

.. and believe it or not, theyre actually pretty daaaaaaaaaamn good!

Crème Brûlée is a very traditional french desert and tastes très delicieux! Its made of cream and.. brule? okay we dont know what its made of but its gooooooood...

This might be the greatest food known to frenchkind, the chocolate croissant (or as the french call it pain au chocolat ;)) Its got the same texture as normal croissants, not including the shape, except it has chocolate inside.. mmmm.. best when its fresh and warm so the chocolates all melted and yummy!

Now seriously, what else could you possibly need than wine and cheese. Cheese and wine. Weese and Chine. Its how the french do it and how everynone should do it!! And if you cant afford it just go to your local supermarket and wait for the free samples :) not that we would ever do that, we just hear that its possible..

Eclairs :) Full of whipped cream and with chocolate icing on top. Oh mon dieu !

Okay FRENCH fries. So did you guys know that FRENCH fries are not actually FRENCH but they are.. swiss or something? Why would the french want to take the glory and pride of making up this kind of food? BECAUSE FRENCH FRIES ARE TRES BIEN, thats why! And thats also why we added it to our list, even though its only wannabe french.

Thankyou for reading once again, it has been tres amusant!


Des Bagels

wish us luck on our french test!

GISELA WE FOUND YOU ON THE INTERNET! (Gisela is our friend who walks like a penguin and loves france)

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