sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Youre gonna read this and realize youve been living a lie...

Oh you amateurs.. you hear something about food and you just accept it. Us bagels (yes were not pumpkins anymore, someone made a pie HAHAHAH) are going to make sure you know your stuff about foods and DONT BELIEVE THE CRAZY MYTHS PEOPLE TELL YOU! Or then some of it is true and we are gonna research to make sure if it really is.

So here are a few things youve probably heard about food:

1) If you eat after 18.00 you will gain more calories then if you ate the same meal earlier... MYTH! It does not matter when you heat your food, you will always gain the same amount of weight. So eat whenever and wherever and dont listen to stupid 6 PM rules.. Watching tv in the evening is nothing without snacks!

2) Throw your spaghetti at the wall and if it sticks, its done (CSB does this every time and lives by it)... MYTH! Truth is, the spaghetti will stick to the wall if its sticky, not if its done. You'll just end up with a sticky wall and pasta which is not so al dente. So even a bagel can be wrong..

3) Chocolate can mend a broken heart... FACT! Okay so it might not really go inside your chest with a hammer and nails and mend it but my god does it help. And its actually proven that when eating chocolate, it triggers the endorphins in your body and make you happy. But the reality is if you eat 3 kilos of chocolate a day.. the result aint pretty. But yeah, chocolate for a broken heart!

4) It's essential to drink 8 glasses of water a day... MYTH! You do not need to drink 8 glasses a day, my god. Some athletes should drink more than others but there is no magical number of glasses you should be drinking, and remember that most foods contain water!

5) Decaf coffee has no caffeine... MYTH! International standards only require decaf coffee to be 95% decaf. So for people who are allergic to caffeine, drinking decaf coffee is not going to help. Us bagels go for normal coffee though, how would we survive IB without it..

6) Fast food is good for you... FACT! Can you believe it? One fastfood meal a week is supposed to be good for you!! HURRAH our lives have a meaning again! As long as you dont eat them everyday.. Thats never good.

So we hope you found the truth about food myths in this post, and we have once again made your days a bit brighter with our tips and facts!

Until we meet again



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