sunnuntai 14. marraskuuta 2010

"New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of"

Oh yes. If you've been there, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you haven't been there, you dream of it every night. New York. Not only does it give us the hottest stores, the spectacular lights, the amazing people and an atmosphere beyond imagination, it also is one of the leading capitals of the world when it comes to food. USA is known for its oh so delicious and oh so unhealthy food, and all this can be found in New York. Luckily, VB had the privilege to visit New York just last week, and therefore we have a fresh inside peek on what's going on in the Big Apple. This is the New York Special !

In New York, you wanna start the morning with a GRAND breakfast. This means pancakes (and none of that whole wheat crap..) with maple syrup, an omelette or scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice, a bagel with cream cheese and jam OR a bagel with peanut butter and jam and some coffee. This will keep you up and going for a long time, especially since the breakfast portions are most often NOT tiny and pretentious like in some fancy super expensive restaurants (which naturally can also be found in NYC). They really are big. And dont expect anything to be nonfat. Anyway, we bagels ofc LOVE le breakfast à la New York, and honestly pancakes or bagels just dont taste the same outside the USA. They're unique. Especially the bagels. ;) 

Ok so your grand breakfast is gonna keep you happy and satisfied for a long time, yes, but that doesnt mean forever. This is where Starbucks comes along. You can find Starbucks literally anywhere in NYC, and it can be a real life saviour, for example if your super uncomfortable shoes are killing you or your multiple shopping bags start to feel heavy in your hands, and you just REALLY need something to pick you up. CSB's favorite is the frappucino, whereas VB adores the pumpkin spice latte. Their regular black coffee is also really good, when you dont feel like having anything sweet. Starbucks makes PHENOMENAL soft baked chocolate chip cookies; no lies, they are far better than the ones you can find from the grocery stores, which also, fyi, are miraculous. Naturellement, you wanna include Starbucks to your daily schedule in NYC, tho they are often rather crowded so we suggest you take your cookies and drinks to go. 

Some of the best and the fanciest restaurants in the whole wide world can be found in Manhattan. In some of these fine places, however, you have to reserve a table months in advance, and sometimes there is some kind of a dress code. There are numerous jazz clubs where you can also enjoy dinner, you can eat at a  diner if you wish, you can order in. You can spend 500 dollars or 5. New York City is packed with immigrants and therefore food is also available from every corner of the world. You can have a casual Italian pasta, a traditional American burger, modern Japanese or hot Mexican food. The choice is yours. Also, since NYC is so super modern and hip, you can find numerous organic or vegan places, even vegan fast food is available.

There really is nothing you CANT find from the City that never sleeps, foodwise. Most places are open 24/7 so if you want a donut (which are unbelievably good in the states) in the middle of the night, you got it. Ben & Jerry's? Not a problem. You want pizza or chinese, you got it. Delivered to your door. And out of all the people VB and CSB know how miserable it is when its 3 AM and you'd do just about anything for that one pizza, but in Finland its not possible. And then you just cant help but wonder (and occasionally scream it to the 020202-people as well) MY GOD WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN NEW YORK?

love, bagels

ps. we <3 hershey's cookies n cream

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