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So for our winter holidays, us bagels went to Sweden with a few friends :) Our trip consisted of skiing, chilling and perhaps a bit of partying :) So that week were all on our own foodwise and we ate mostly-- crap :D Which is why this blognetry is not going to be about food. Before you go absolutely crazy reader, dont panic. Even though reading about food is entertaining and hilarious, we just dont want to bore you with stories about noodles anymore. (The noodles were crap btw, REMEMBER THIS IF YOU GO TO SWEDEN) So instead, we will tell you stories and show you pictures of what a fabulous and superfun trip we had :)


So we had our Wanhat before we left and traditionally after you have danced your wanhat..YOU PARTY! :) We did this at kaivohuone in Helsinki and here is the aftermath! (Our flight left 7am so we slept like.. for an hour?)

From left to right: Vegetarian bagel jr (he had a veggie pizza and the guys wouldnt stop teasing), Pear bagel (old inside joke about his body looking like a pear) and PRIPPS BLÅ BAGEL (pripps blå is a drink in Sweden... were not gonna tell you more)

After a sleepy flight and 6 hour car drive we made it to Sälen - our destination. 

DAY 3 OR 4

VB and VBjr discussing vegetarian meals

This is midget bagel (hes short.. duh) showing us how to dance


Midget bagel jr after a hard day of not even leaving the house (she put her clothes on but did not go skiing)

MB jr after her nap

PRIPPSBLÅBAGEL with a pripps blå! look how happy he is, this is only moments before... we cant say, it remains a mystery


Legal bagel, midget bagel jr and our very own VB having a good time!

CSB and PB just.. posing or whatever you call that face PB

Sambo Bagel and CSB

So as you can see, our winter holidays were full of adventure and fun! And now you know some of our friends too, so you know a bit more about us bagels then ;) We hope all of you guys enjoyed your holidays as much as we did, now its back to reality (reality being the urge to kill yourself during math class)

As the swedish say,


yeah we dont speak swedish



the bagels

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