sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011

Even us Bagels get sick every now and then

Being sick sucks. Catching a cold, getting a fever, throwing up.. But occasionally it happens to everyone and then u just gotta live with it. The right food, however, makes it a little better.

A bagel gone bad

- Tea. Tea makes you feel warm and also helps the throat. Our favorite is green tea and thats really healthy too. When you're sick, tea is something you can always have - and sometimes its the only thing.
- Noodles. Perfect! Again, its hot and you really should prefer the spicy noodles cause they help with the flu. 
- Anything with vitamin C, meaning lemons oranges etc. They are the best. 
- Yogurt, we dont really understand why but its got some acid stuff bacteria etc. 
- Most importantly: water. As always ..

But hey if ur throwing up then dont eat anything. Just drink some coke.

Now its time for more food and Sex and The City. Later!

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