sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

We pledge allegiance to the TV of Sweden

So nows probably a good time to tell u the truth about our spring break. It did involve food. Only not that we would've actually made any ourselves, but through TV we kinda stayed on the top of our game. You see in Sweden, they have this amazing channel that ensures that u dont have to go skiing at all ! In fact u can spend the entire holiday in the cottage. How great is that? They got Friends, OC, Big bang theory, Two and a half men, Ellen DeGeneres.. But here's the top 3 that really makes ur time worth while (and they all got something to do with food):

Every morning we got to listen to her oh so annoying voice and see her oh so inappropriate manners, but what do u know: the most fake show out there is pretty damn entertaining. Her recipes and "oops i forgot the onion"-style cooking suits for us, too.

2) Kitchen Nightmares
You dont wanna mess with Gordon. Or at least thats the impression we got when we listened to him put down every place with a frozen lasagna. Anyways its really exciting wondering whether the bitchy sous-chef is gonna get kicked out or if the big opening night of the improved restaurant goes well. But yeah this guy really cares about his food and has a nasty side too, even tho at first impression he does seem pretty nice. Dont be fooled like we were!

3) The Biggest Loser
WOW these people work hard. Even CSB got her favorites even tho she had a hard time feeling any sympathy towards people who've been eating nothing but cupcakes for the past 5 years. Anyways for the people in this show this is like their last resort, so in a week u really start to care about their progress, and it feels so good when they reach their goals or even exceed them. Watching this show is even more fun with some candy and pizza.

So our week wasnt all partying and skiing, in fact mostly it was watching these amazing food-related shows and some rich-kid-drama. But we enjoyed it,  and highly recommend these shows for u as well!

- Bagels

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