sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

The 4 Day Wonder Diet (more like starve yourself to death diet but however you like it)

Before you get us wrong, us bagels hate diets. They never work and usually just make you gain weight rather than lose any. But we have all heard about these wonderful magical diets that are supposed to make you lose weight by 3 days or something so now we have a mission! Our aim is to show all of you that these diets do not work. They will just make you feel sick and weak and not feeling good. We think that dedicating your eating habits to something as crazy as this is just.. well crazy. You're just gonna be on a crappy mood and wont be able to enjoy your eh skinniness. Us bagels are ready to suffer to prove all these stupid diets wrong, so this is what we will be eating from monday to thursday:


  • 1/2 grapefruit


  • Four ounces of a lean protein such as skinless chicken breast or or three ounces of a fattier protein such as lean ground beef
  • One cup of steamed green vegetables
  • One cup of raw high-fiber vegetables
  • Six ounces of tomato juice


  • One cup of starchy vegetables such as squash, cooked or raw
  • One cup of high fiber vegetables such as cauliflower, steamed or raw
  • Five ounces of lean white meat protein like chicken breast or four ounces of lead red meat protein such as lean steak
  • Six ounces of unsweetened juice


An eight ounce glass of water is recommended 30 minutes before each meal, 30 minutes after dinner and at bedtime to increase satiation and flush out fat and toxins.


This is only one example of all the diets you can find around the internet. It takes four days and is pretty unhealthy. And just to make it clear were not gonna go through with this if we like.. go into a coma or something because you know.. we are used to a big amount of food :DD. So this is gonna be especially tough on us since the difference between our usual eating habits and this is like HUUUUUGE.

So wish us luck and lets see if were capable of doing this! We will write down diary entries every day and post them together as one big post someday next week to see if any progress is happening and how we are feeling.

- VB and CSB

ps: we thought youd like to see how we spent last weekend

We were volunteering at a charity called Nälkäpäivä for service hours which also go to our CAS program. Altogether we stood there for 12 hours collecting money for the hungry(?) and actually ended up having a lot of fun. We made up songs (HUNGRYYYY, THEY ARE SOO HUNGRYYY, THEY HAVE NOBOODYYY, SO GIVE US YOUR MONEEEY, THEYRE ON THEIR OWNNNN <-- in the style of akons "lonely"), we got lots of compliments from grannys, lots of complaints from grannies (COME STAND HERE YOURSELF I MEAN JESUS), we ate like 7 kilos of food per hour, laughed until our sixpacks came out of hiding (lol no) and gathered like 1000 euros altogether! A few tips on what you should bring with you in case you ever choose to do this:

1) Food.. and coffee, you WILL need energy for all the smiling
2) pepper spray, drunk men will find you and want to take you home
3) A backup plan for if someone asks you where the money is going (ours was haiti)
4) A pure and welcoming smile so people can approach you
5) A great sense of humour like us bagels have
6) Make sure your nametag is on the front of your vest at all times
7) last but not least always have your eyes on your collectors box thingy because people CAN approach you from the back and you will be suprised and not ready for this (isnt that right my dear veggie b?)(that's right CSB, i learned my lesson)

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