lauantai 25. syyskuuta 2010


Our diary entries from tuesday to friday:

Day 1

9:20 - VB: Im still alive. My stomach feels empty, and I couldn't eat apple pie cause of this whole diet thing. THAT HURT. I gotta go drink some water now.
PS. Id like some coffee

9:45 - CSB: Im hungry but I dont feel desperate yet. I had forgotten how bad grapefruit is.. and not very filling.

13.50 - VB: Sitting in Kaisa's cafe and not eating. Its getting too hard. IM ABOUT TO FAIL!!!

14.15 - VB: FEELS LIKE DYING! CSB would like some homemade soup right now. We are pondering over the question of sports: Should we go to pilates and bodypump or not? ARE WE STRONG ENOUGH ANYMORE???

14.19 - CSB: This is not a healthy environment! Kaisas cafe is not the place for dieters. My stomach is sooo empty. Im starting to HALLUCINATE! I see floating sandwiches and its only 14.30! What have we gotten ourselves into?

Day 2

13.16 - VB: Planning food for saturday, when we will be free from this crap. There was cheese at lunchtime and we couldnt have have any.. AND bananas. Pizza would be good right now. Though at the moment I dont feel all that hungry, which freaks me out. My stomach is already getting smaller! Im gonna have to work hard to get my appetite back!

13.26 - CSB: Day two and it SUCKS! Everyone is eating around us and our stomachs are GROWLING! I dont know what else to say because my brain is so empty from you know.. not eating! But I hope you people understand how much dieting sucks and how much happier people are when theyre eating good food! PS: Saturday were gonna have so much food! Were already planning all the things we can eat! Nachos, sushi, cheese, COFFEE<3

19.55 - VB: Today when I had my dinner, I actually got full. I had difficulties finishing my "meal". I had a weak moment around 19.50 and I was close to giving up, But CSB gave me new faith and Im back in the game! TWO DAYS TIL FREEDOM!

Day 3

09.52 - CSB: Hungryyy, I am so hungryyyy, I could have some curryyyyy, OH SO HUNGRY! Day three and feeling weak, luckily were half way there (OHOOOH LIVING ON A PRAYER) Two days down and tomorrow its over!

10.31 - VB: Decisions made! We are ending this suffering this time tomorrow!

Day 4

09.34 - VB: 1 hour and 26 minutes to go. FEELS AWESOME, Im gonna get pizza and Im so proud of us but OMG Im never doing this again. Dieting is hell. But we made it, now we can eat unhealthy crap for the rest of our lives. BTW, I lost 2cm from my waist and 2 kilos but the shit we had to go through.. NOT WORTH IT. Headache is about to end.

09.48 - CSB: Were almost there! GOLDEN RAX PIZZA BUFFET is waiting! I can already taste the all you can eat pizza. So, this diet made me lose 2 and a half kilos but its so not worth fainting in bball practice. Plus, I was always hungry, cold, feeling faint, suffering of headaches and CRANKYYY! These were the longest 4 days of my life... thankyou for reading ;)

Our conclusion to this 4 day wonder hell is that.. DONT DO IT! We have definitely proved our point and can now diss diets for the rest of our lives. Overall we are just happy that this experience is now behind us and we never have to do anything like this again.

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