torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

entering the world of creative writing (and food)

Ok, so having a blog is something we haven't been doing before and probably wouldnt do if it wasnt for the IB. IB stands for International Baccalaureate and means that we are gonna have to work our asses off for the next two years and hopefully pass and get into some university/college abroad. IB isnt just about studying and talking english in the corridors, but we also have to do stuff like TOK (playing battleship), EE and the CAS, which stands for creativity, action and service. This blog is gonna get us creative CAS hours, and we are very excited cause not only do we get to write these awesome posts but also we get to eat. A lot.
We've agreed to commit at least one hour a week for this blog. That should be easy enough since we spend about 10 hours a week in restaurants and cafés anyway. Also we're going to cook when we feel like it, and that should be interesting, since CSB's specialty is noodles and VB does not have one. So we dont have a clue about cooking. But one part of the IB is learning how to be a risk-taker and think waaaay beyond the box. But yeah, so we're gonna be writing about our eating experiences, our new discoveries in the culinary world and maybe throw in some pathetic inside jokes or friends quotes every once in a while. So if youre reading Mr.Allen (Our loved CAS coordinator), this is where our journey to the world of creative writing starts!

Ps. this blog is NOT supposed to be taken seriously because we most certainly are not :) and sorry for the crap humour

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  1. Good to see you up and running.
    I'm looking forward to all your insightful comments and those of other readers.
    I love all the jelly beans - my favourite!