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Two men that will never leave us: Ben & Jerry

So you all know what we're gonna be talking about. The little packets that seem to have come straight from heaven: Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So our first post will be listing all of the Ben & Jerry's Ice cream flavors into order, from best to worst. So next time you're standing in front of the freezer at the supermarket, trying desperately to choose just one and yet find it impossible, this will help you make up ur mind. First we will have VB's list:

- Half baked - "A flavor i fell in love with immediately, it combines cookie dough and brownies perfectly, and u just cant stop eating it. tho after uve eaten it all u kinda wanna throw up cause u know its so sweet."

- New york super fudge chunk - "i just remember i love it but i cant really remember why, its been a long time since ive last had it. but its awesome. and not too sweet ! its like new york in a packet, with all the different elements working brilliantly as one."

- cherry garcia - "we have a love - hate relationship cause basicly i hate everything with cherry but ben and jerry knew how to make the perfect combination of cherry and dark chocolate, this is a rare delicious treat which i love, and in some way its my favorite, but i couldnt do that to half baked."

- chunky monkey - "u cant not love the banana shaped chocolate pieces , combined with the exotic taste of banana ice cream. perfection. and the nuts ! i love the nuts. tho i cant remember which nuts are used in this one."

- cookie dough - "this was my first love and even tho ive kinda gotten over it i had to rank it well. this is where it all began. im never gonna forget that first spoonful."

- baked alaska - "i looooooove it but its kinda boring so thats why it didnt do so well in this eh competition. u gotta have it at least once or twice tho, since it tastes pretty good."

- chocolate fudge brownie - "first three bites absolutely fabulous but u cant have any more than that. too sweet. and everyone knows u gotta eat the whole thing once you buy it."
- fairly nuts - "i love it but its not unique in a ben & jerry kinda way, but a good addition to their collection nevertheless. and i love the name!"

- phish food - "not one of my favorites. . ofc i eat it if i find it in the freezer but i wouldnt pay 6 euros for it myself. the marshmallow idea is cool but it doesnt really work in ice cream."

- vanilla toffee crunch - "it would be perfection but WE NEED MORE CRUNCHES . come on we re paying 6 euros for it, we deserve the crunches! thats why i dont buy it."

- strawberry cheesecake - "not bad at all but (FORGIVE ME BEN & JERRY) häagen & danz does it better. what can u do. so thats why its the second to last. u can never buy it since you know u could get it better from some place else"

- chocolate macadamia - "come on everyone can make chocolate icecream with nuts. my mom loves this one tho, dont know why. again not bad but its got nothing special to it."

And now for CSB's list:

COOKIE DOUGH: This is where the love story started. Cookie dough changed the way you look at things and gives you a new respect for life, it will always be my number one

HALF BAKED: Cookie dough + Brownies!!! its DELISH! its like.. two soulmates have finally found eachother. Xept that it is too sweet, but its worth throwing up for.

BAKED ALASKA: What can you say? vanilla, white chocolate and marshmallow = <3 AND THE WHITE CHOCOLATE IS SHAPED AS POLAR BEARS!! Big plus to that

CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE: mmmmmmm.. chocolate icecream with chocolate pieces and chocolate brownie pieces :) its gooooooooooood and yet so chocolatey

CHUNKY MONKEY: I mean.. the chocolate pieces are shaped like bananas? and banana icecream is goooood :) and the name!! chunkyyyy monkeyyyyy ;) okay moving on

VANILLA TOFFEE CRUNCH: The name says it all! Its perfectionn except my dear bagelfriend VB is right, where are the crunches? You get this big packet of icecream and theres only one crunch? RIPOFF IM TELLING YOU!!

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE: Strawberry icecream? good Cheesecake good? Strawberry cheesecake = GOOOOOD

PHISH FOOD: Its okay.. Its like, nothing special. And the name is kinda wrong, you dont wanna name your icecream fish food

NEW YORK SUPER FUDGE CHUNK: Well its kinda like a cheap version of Chocolate fudge brownie. Its just.. not the same :( and im not a fan of nuts

FAIRLY NUTS: Well, im still not a fan of nuts..

CHERRY GARCIA: It would be good if it was normal chocolate, not dark.. Dark chocolate icecream doesnt do it for me.

CHOCOLATE MACADEMIA: Last and.. yes least. Its boring and its just not Ben & Jerry material :(

But Ben & Jerry have really stuck with us when things have gone wrong and us bagels would just like to say: WE LOVE YOU<3! and VB being the greenbean (like ecofriendly AND a food ;);) yeah okay) would like to thank Ben & Jerry's for doing a lot of fair trade products and organic stuff and are u know green and stuff
against global warming and yea.


You know you love us


- Bagels ;)

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