sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

Airplane food = like plain air (hahahahaha no)

Now, we have all been on a plane. We have all had something to eat on the plane. We have all wanted to go hang ourselves with our own underwear because the food is so bad and youre so hungry. Yes, this blogpost will be all about HOW AIRPLANE FOOD SUCKS.

So, CSB had the luck of flying first and business class to London and Oman and back during the holidays. Must say, the food is better there compared to the economy class food. They actually have real knives and forks and it totally feels like youre in a restaurant (not, the food is still crap its just placed elegantly on a plate so it looks nicer.)

So just to make you guys have fun and remember the good times on the plane, we have some pictures to show you which will most probably make you wanna go find that underwear again!

How could you resist? And they think the dry bread or pathetic dessert will help too! 

So now that we have established that we hate plane food, you can totally trust our tips concerning food, because now you know we must know our stuff! So the next time you guys are on a plane just remember to hit starbucks before you board. If you dont, just pack an extra pair of stockings with you to strangle yourself with

until we (m)eat again! (were so much fun!)

- the bagels

above: a food blogger you do not want to trust

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