torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011


London. This is where CSB spent a few days of her xmas vacation and now CSB shall open your eyes and mind to the country of red doubledecker busses and those retarted telephone booths that nobody actually uses but you always see tourist taking pictures in them...

Soo now that we have seen that we can go on to what to eat and where to eat in london! So here goes:

Ofcourse, every freakin country has it but us... starbuckss!

Its a must in the morning before you go and hit the sales! The on ein the picture is a gingerbread latte... mmmmmmm omnomnom

Henrys bar and cafe has THE best nachos in the entireeeee world! They are perfection on a freakin.. nacho.

plus the mojitos are pretty good ;) ofcourse being an underaged bagel i had a virgin one.. but i sipped a bit from papa bagel..

Speakin of where mojitos are good, ASIA DE CUBA! Its a really cool restaurant inside this really modern hotel and omg the food.. you have like may plates and you share everything and its so so so good its like mindblowing... you have to roll back to your hotel cos youre so full! Umm lets see we had tuna, salmon, noodles, shrimp... all kinds of things! I recommend this place!

And then you know we had the junk food... KFC buckets yessss! and so on :D

*In British accent* So I leave you know to think of the wonders of london and next time you'll learn more about CSB's culinary trip in Oman! 

Until then wankers

The bagels

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