sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

oh-man! (CSB went to oman... which is a country fyi... she didnt know either)

So CSB spent her winter holiday in London and.. Oman! Oman is next to Abu Dhabi if some of you dont know and it was a goooood trip. So ofcourse since this blog is all about food, i will tell you about the food we had in Oman!

Fiiirst of all there was alooooot of pita bread and hummus (or homos as it said in the menus)

At our hotel, we had the best chinese restaurant in the whole UAE so we had to check it out riight? well it was crap. It was probably the only chinese restaurant in the UAE which made it the best!

So we experienced the more traditional foods of Oman in a six course meal on new years eve! Apart from getting drunk with family (just kidding... yeah) we had lots of unusual and delicious food, for example:

So that was Oman for you, until we meet again



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