sunnuntai 3. lokakuuta 2010

It's pink. It's got six layers. It is the ultimate birthday cake. MADE FROM SCRATCH. (almost)

One August day in 1992 a baby girl was born, and 18 years later it was time to party. This girl just happened to be so lucky to have such amazing friends like us bagels, and among our many fabulous gifts and surprises was The Cake. This original idea for baking a cake came up while writing a speech in Rax and we made it happen. 

It was one sunny and warm Saturday morning in August and CSB took the long and exhausting journey to VB's house. We went to the supermarket to get some supplies, and yes, we maybe went a little overboard. But daddy's credit card (<3) payed for this so I suppose it's ok. So this is what we bought (and you should buy if you're up for the challenge and wish to try this at home):
-6 ready cake layers
-whipping strawberry cream 
-whipping regular cream
-whipping vanilla cream
-apple jam
-strawberry jam
-marianne the candy
-sprinkles (A LOT !!!! u cant have too much of these when making the ultimate birthday cake)
-red food dye
-some juice 
And we cannot emphasize this enough: MORE IS MORE people so all this crap about "its not the quantity but the quality" or "less is more" can be thrown away when doing this cake. It should be big, pink, bright, provocative and it has to be the center of attention. So when youre at the grocery store and ure thinking: "Should I get this or not?" the answer is yes. YES YES YES. (especially if u have got that credit card in your hand)

So yea. After the shopping part we went to VB's house to make The Cake. While walking CSB also got a nice tour of VB's hometown. (she's so lucky) Once we reached our destination we obviously needed a lunch break so CSB made her famous noodles and we watched some F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and talked some shit and did absolutely nothing useful.

The laziness had to stop at some point so we got to work. We put on some music (you wanna listen to something catchy like ABBA, Baby Got Back, Eppu Normaali etc) and started whipping the cream. DISASTER. First of all you dont wanna put it all in the bowl at the same time. Its not gonna whip. And second of all you might wanna use a larger bowl cause the kitchen was covered in pink after our baking session. As were we.

The pink stuff (.. wait till the rest of the dye goes in)
Now that we have seen that all the people who ate the cake are still alive and healthy, we can confess our cake-making-methods. You take your cake layers out, you put some juice on each one, and with ur hands you put some cream and other stuff on each layer. What's important is that you crush the meringues before putting them in. Now there are no rules on what you should put on each layer, you can just trust your instincts (if your instincts are as good as ours which we doubt but anyway). The bottom line is that you use a LOT of everything and especially the dye. You cant go wrong (with right, what?). 
4 layers used, 2 to go plus decorations


The compliments we got from people.. This was so worth ruining our kitchen and VB's clothes.

ps. You should know, we never tried it. But come on, what's not to like? ;)

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