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Food goes Hollywood

Without food, there is no life. This would lead our IB-minds to the conclusion that without life, there is no food and therefore life is all about food. Now let's ask ourselves the question: what are movies really about? Life. Life in the future, life in the past, human life, animal life, vampire life, life of horror, life of laughter or life of drama, or life in a fantasy world (naturally this list could go on forever, you know life in Spain, life in Tallinn etc.. but you get our point). Thus we cannot help but wonder: why is food's role in the film industry being constantly suppressed? Is this one of Hollywood's evil tactics of keeping people skinny? However, some movies have drawn our attention as exceptions, and now we want to discuss them. So ladies and gentlemen we present you movies, in which foods have been given a big responsibility!

Well for one there is OBVIOUSLY the Waitress. I mean OMG this movie gives us like what at least 18 different pies which all sound and look just tooooooooo delicious. Plus they've got these amazing names; our personal favorites are Kick in the pants Pie, Baby  screaming its head off in the middle of the night and ruining my life Pie, Pregnant miserable self-pitying loser Pie, Earl murders me because Im having an affair Pie and Old Joe's horny Pie. For some of these 18 pies featured in the movie you can actually find the recipe online, just google 'The pies in The Waitress' and something should come up. Try to make them as pretty as in the movie. Without the pies, this movie would be just a typical drama with dark humor but the pies take the movie to a whole new level. The movie tells a story of a young woman working in a diner. She is unhappily married, gets pregnant, starts an affair but most importantly; MAKES PIES. A definite MUST-SEE, super cute and makes you really hungry. 

Another one is Chocolat. Not only is Johnny Depp absolutely gorgeous in it but the little pieces of chocolate.. YUMMY. It tells a story of a rather bohemian woman (at least for her own time) who has traveled a lot and opens her own Chocolate Shop. Everyone loves it, a bit too much, and they get into all kinds of trouble with her daughter. The chocolates look so good and the lady has this incredible sense of knowing exactly what kind is your favorite. And yeah, on the right you see a picture of Johnny Depp, you've all seen chocolate before you know what it looks like. We also wanna mention Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My GOD is that place heaven on earth or what, and on that one you actually wont be distracted by Johnny's amazing looks since Willy Wonka is not so attractive as a character. So you can fully focus on the chocolate. YAY! 

And mm yea, Super Size Me. Its kinda mind-blowing actually, its a document about a guy who eats only fast food for like a month or something. That does not go well. Thank you Morgan Spurlock for sacrificing your health for the rest of us, too bad McDonald's is still dominating the earth. But this one makes you feel kinda yucky about fast food so maybe you dont wanna see it. Unless youre seriously obese. Cause honestly its a document worth seeing, its actually interesting (we're really not sarcastic here). 

So we hope you enjoy eating while watching films, since for us its like a law: you dont watch a movie without food. And we wanna encourage our readers to follow this rule too ! Makes life so much more fun. And like we learned earlier, life is all about food. 

Ps. oh yea and also American PIEs. HAHAH so funny. They're good tho. 

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