sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

Food thats good for you - in more ways than just one !

Do you ever get the feeling that you wanna eat something healthy today, something thats good for your body, perhaps something non-fat or green? Yea we neither. But sometimes our moms tell us that we eat too much pizza and candy and dont go to the gym enough (read = ever), and we get the feeling that we should eat something healthy for like a day, to keep our consciences and dear mothers satisfied. Now when you know food like us bagels do, its really not that hard, just a bit dull thats all.

We bagels like to call it, the "good-good food". It tastes great. Its got hardly any calories (which we love but some of our 10 readers dont) and lots of antioxidants and you know vitamins and stuff that Mr Allen tells us are good for us in bio class. So its good in many ways. Good-good. Here are a few tips for you mortals who need our advice.

Berries. Especially blueberries and strawberries. VB worked at a strawberry field for the summer and can tell you with all honesty that you just cant get enough of them. They are packed with vitamin C and other vitamins and some acids etc etc. So take our word for it, they're healthy. And honestly a fresh strawberry tastes better than the finest piece of chocolate in the world (even the delicious swiss kind). However strawberries are honestly not as good outside of Finland, and since we are international we need a back-up plan. Blueberries. They are good all over the world, and if we dare say, even healthier than strawberries. This is where all the antioxidants are hiding. We've also heard that eating blueberries will lower your cholesterol and stuff so seriously eat them. And prevent Alzheimer's disease. Oh and both strawberries and blueberries taste great with milk and if you make that skinny milk youve got like half a calorie in it so yay.

Sushi. Who doesnt LOOOOVE it? And believe it or not, its totally healthy. You've got all the healthy good fats but none of the bad ones, no cholesterol (which to our understanding is generally considered a bad thing), lots of protein and we are also back with the antioxidants. So duh, having lots of long chemical words obviously means that its healthy. And though it is a lot of fun to make sushi yourself, its also like the world's healthiest fast food that you can just crab from the local sushi bar closest to you. And probably also the most expensive, so its a rare but oh so delicious treat. And those idiots who are worried about the raw fish, we beg of you: GET OVER IT.

Fish roe. Looks like red caviar and probably disgusting if you dont love it but we bagels do. And its HIIIIIIIGH on vitamins A and D, and you know other healthy stuff, and we hear roe is good for ur eyes and brains too. So eat roe. Or actually dont and then theres more left for us. Its just too good to be true, little pieces of heaven from the sea. And you dont have to feel at all guilty for eating it. Ofc the not-so-healthy craime fraiche you add to it is not so healthy but all the omega stuff you get from the roe gives you the permission to put in the craime fraiche. This too btw is ridiculously expensive but so so worth it.

So we have proved that you can eat food that will make your body and mind happy, and its actually fun eating it. Also water, green tea and green stuff in general (absinthe excluded) are safe! Enjoy.

But no need to worry, we still like pizza.

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