sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010

Studying --> Students dying

Oh the joy of studying.. Us IB Bagels know exactly what its about. It sucks and makes you want to go hang yourself with your tights or something. Luckily, us bagels know exactly what special treats you can enjoy while studying or working on school work that make it studying a little bit more enjoyable!

So here are our top 10 snackies that keep us alive on those horrible days..

CSB's specialty: noodles. So easy, so good, so DELIGHTFUL! But once again, hard to concentrate on eating and studying at the same time :(
Go nuts with studying.. with nuts hahahaha. Nuts are healthy and perfect little nibbly treats for studying! CSB prefers chili nuts and VB wasabi nuts, nuts gooooooooooooood!
ohh yes, pizza must not be excluded from this list. Its great food for studying except that if you eat a whole pizza you might become full and sleepy after which is not good for your working!
As you already know, B&J ice cream is our baby, the only crap part is that you have to eat the icecream with undivided attention and you cantstudy while doing it.
So good but as VB can tell us all from experience.. if you eat a whole bag in 4 minutes you WILL feel bad! And anyway all the salt wont feel good after a while...
candy <3 what more is there to say?

Ah the subway sandwich. So good... Just looking at the picture makes me smile :) It could be number one but you might lose focus on the studying while eating the bread of perfection so its not really practical.. but so so good.

You guys were probably not expecting this from us, but yes we actually enjoy healthy stuff too. Especially stockmann salads are DELISH and they never let us down. Although they are not thinking about our student budget when pricing that stuff. But it's worth it. Perfect for studying cos its not too much and you wont feel all full afterwards which usually results to the usual "im only gonna close my eyes for a minute" fail. So yes, salad goooood.


The love of our lives. These little drops of heaven keep us going and just one bite can make you so happy! Whenever and wherever youre studying, keep atleast a bar with you and you cant go wrong (with right..).


COFFEE! If you have to stay up all night writing a goddamn history essay 3 times a week like we do, you cant live without it. It keeps you going and going for as long as you need! Red Bull works like a charm too. The official number one necessity for studying.

So this is how we are planning to survive IB. Don't even try studying without eating. We are not even gonna give it a shot. Thank you and good night.

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